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OptiCoat Pro + is the ultimate in vehicle protection!

This Ceramic clear coating is resistant to chemicals, acid rain, UV, salt, and general day to day driving. Opticoat is tested and proven by CSIRO to Australian standards.

Opti-Coat Pro+ is the worlds leading ceramic clear coating that bonds perfectly with your cars paint work. Unlike previous paint protections in the past Opti-Coat is not a polish or cream, it is an actual clear coat of ceramic clear that is harder, stronger, thicker and more durable than your existing clear on your car.

Are you sick of the dealer B.S! 

You know that you are getting fed a story, getting an inferior product, is it being put on properly, are the staff qualified, did they prepare the paint, so many questions!

Want the truth?


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The top layer of Opti-Coat Pro+ is a super hydrophobic coat which not only gives your car extra shine and gloss but it makes washing and maintenance a breeze, with a strong barrier on your car swirl marks or washing scratches can be eliminated.

Opti-Coat Pro+ is the only product on the market that has been tested and proven by the CSIRO to Australian standards.

Proven to protect your car from UV damage, bird or bat droppings, acid rain and chemically resistant to ethanol and acids, these are the most common causes that defect paint.

Unfortunately the number one cause of paint damage is you and me, that’s right! Cars are so beautifully prepared these days it is not easy to keep them that way for long. Even by washing them every week we put tiny little scratches in the clear coat which in time add up to become a real issue.

I like to think of a cars clear coat to be like the front window of our café, if its dirty, rough, scratched blasted by the wind I cant see the outside world clearly. If it was clean the light beams in and brightens the entire place.

Modern paint need modern protection and Opti-Coat Pro+ has a state the art preparation and correction process to ensures a perfect bond to your car. This is not a product available at your dealership, only qualified detailers that been trained correctly in the process can ensure a long lasting and perfect finish.

Preparation is the key and it takes time and with that comes the absolute best result imaginable.

Opti –Coat Pro+ . . . . .

The Ultimate Protection


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Mornington Peninsula and South East suburbs Vic 3931


(03) 5977 2663