Car Detailing

Our car detailing services at Buff n' Stuff consist of:

Mini Detail (from $110.00)

We'll make sure that we provide the care that every car deserves at least once a year. Our mini detail offer includes:

  • Hot wash and wax
  • Chamois dry
  • Wheel and tyres cleaned
  • Tyre dressing
  • Windows cleaned in and out
  • Door jams cleaned and wiped out
  • Interior vacuum cleaned including boot
  • Blow out dash and air vents
  • Dash, trims and door skins cleaned
  • Remove tree sap and tar from paint
  • Polish or wax paint work
  • Deodorization

Full Detail 

As the name suggests, this car detailing service consists of a complete interior and exterior detailing service, including the engine bay. At BUFF 'N' STUFF we allocate at least 5 hours workshop time to ensure that you get the desired result. If you are selling your car, then this is the perfect service for you.

First impressions count! Present your car to its best condition to your potential buyers and make a greater profit!

Exterior Detail (from $220.00)

This is where we really shine! With a blend of modern techniques, state of the art cutting compounds and the best wax and polishes, our experts will bring out the absolute best result possible in your car.

Our aim is to rejuvenate the paint without swirls and the burn marks that you see so often. Modern paints require different approaches, and we have the necessary skills to achieve excellent results without damaging or harming the clear coating on your car.

If you want more or if your car needs more, ask about our 2 - 3 stage Paint Correction procedure.  This is where we really shine!

After a good wash we'll remove all the impurities from the paint work such as tree sap, industrial fallout, tar etc. Minor scratches and marks are easily removed in the first stage of the cutting process, and as we continue, the paint work is rejuvenated and a new clean smooth layer of clear is revealed, allowing the colour of your car to shine. With a perfectly smooth surface to work on we can then seal the paint with high quality waxes and polishes, to bring out even more lustre in your paint work.

In our exterior detail offer, the professionals at Buff n' Stuff will also clean the wheels and tyres, dress the tyres, clean out the door jams and clean all the windows, so as to present your car at its absolute best. Additional coating are also available to further enhance and protect your car in the future.

Interior Detail (from $175.00)

Being one of our most used assets, ours cars are exposed daily to a number of harms. Driving them to and from work, being exposed to coffee and drinks stains, children, pets, camping trip or a day at beach and what not! The inside of our cars get a fair work out!

Car Wash Services Mornington Peninsula

This is why, here at BUFF 'N' STUFF, we can bring the interior of your car back to life, get rid of the odour and make the drive a more pleasant one again. In our interior detail offer, we will shampoo all cloth trims, seats, carpets, including the boot, remove and clean the floor mats. We'll also blow out all air vents, dashboard and the entire cockpit area, clean all the door skins and plastic trims. If your vehicle has leather furnishings, we'll clean and condition the seats and door skins with a high-grade leather supplement to make it soft again so that it regains that beautiful feel and smell.

To finish we give it a wash, clean the windows, door jams and deodorize. Rest assured that we do not use silicon-based products that leave your trims oily or greasy!

Contact us today to hire our services!

You won't regret having your car detailed and washed by our proficient team.

Protection Packages

Paint Protection Packages (from $395.00)

At Buff n' Stuff we use the best Nano-technology paint sealants from Germany and England with proven application techniques to ensure that the sealant will last. Paint Protection does not last forever but if applied correctly you will get 3-5 years of protection against the harsh elements and exposure that we put our cars through.

Over the years, car manufacturers evolved in their making of conveyances and nowadays, their paint work does not oxidise, peel or fade away like before. This is why, to make it shine longer and make general cleaning easier, we do need to protect it from the harsh sun, wind, acid rain, salt, tree sap, road tar, fall out and bird droppings.

It doesn't take much effort these days to damage the top layer of your car and dull the look of the car.

Opti-Coat Pro+ ceramic clear coat is the worlds leading paint coating. 20 times thicker and stronger than your factory clear coat, chemical and scratch resistant, super high gloss.

The Ultimate protection for you vehicle!

Paint Correction (from $400.00)

Your car will get the best possible treatment that will bring back that showroom finish that it once had.

We'll start with a de-waxing process to remove all impurities from the paint, followed by a 3-5 stage cut and polish finishing with carnauba wax or paint sealant. For the best results, paint touch up and minor scratches are also filled.

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